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Garbage Disposal & Water Heater!

Due to the aggressive hard water in the Las Vegas valley, any device that uses water, such as the water heater, faucets, toilets, washing machine, shower heads, even your coffee maker and ice maker will last longer if you have a correctly functioning water softener.Crushing up a couple of handfuls of ice cubes and Baking Soda in the garbage disposal every once in a while usually helps in keeping the odors down in the kitchen.

Always run the water in the kitchen sink for another 15 seconds after using the garbage disposal. This will allow the water to push the waste further down the line to the house main drain.Using an enzyme, such as our Bio Clean drain cleaner is one of the best forms of preventative maintenance programs a homeowner can do for the kitchen sink, laundry, and bathroom basin drain problems

You generally get more life from an electric water heater than with a gas water heater. That’s because the flame from a gas water heater heats the actual tank and then the tank heats the water. This causes the tank to expand when getting hotter and contract when cooling down. An electric water heater has immersed elements that actually heat the water, and that keeps the tank from expanding and contracting as much.Using less hot water actually does increase the life of a water heater.

  • Flushing your water heater every six months or so will add to the life of your water heater.
  • Changing the anode (sacrifice) rod in your water heater each year is arguably one of the best things you can do to extend the life of your water heater. But be careful, getting your old anode rod out of the heater is not as easy as you may think; the manufacturer really socks them in tight.
  • A glass-lined electric water heater is actually lined with porcelain glass. Never buy a dented or used water heater, the glass lining may be cracked, leaving the bare metal exposed to the water. Remember that the metal tank of a water heater is only about 1/32″ thick and is only cold steel, not even galvanized.
  • An electric water heater will cost about three to four times as much to heat water as a gas water heater.
  • A typical electric water heater will heat only 16 gallons of water per hour. A typical shower can use up to 12 or 14 gallons of hot water (teenagers will use more of course). And one load of laundry using hot water will easily use 12 to 18 gallons of water. As you can see, a 40-gallon electric water heater won’t last long supplying the need of a normal family.

    Clogged or slow drains are a common plumbing issue that if left untreated can lead to even bigger problems. It’s important to resolve minor drain issues with drain cleaning before a major backup occurs. If you are experiencing a waste water backup don’t wait – call Big Dawg Plumbing LLC to get your drain cleaned today!

    From kitchen sinks to mainline sewer stoppages – we’ve seen it all! In many cases, trying to fix a clogged drain by yourself can make things worse. Our licensed, professional technicians have the latest drain cleaning equipment to solve your issues. We have years of experience protecting your homes’ drainage systems. We will get it cleared for you – the first time, every time!


    A broken drain is not always easy to detect, and is typically very easy to confuse with a simple blockage. This is why when you’re having problems with your Las Vegas drains, it is crucial to trust only the most reliable drain specialists to properly assess the situation and determine whether or not you face a more serious, underlying problem with your drain that might need to be repaired, or you are in fact dealing with a simple blockage. In Las Vegas few plumbing services are capable of matching our ability to provide you with accurate and prompt assessments of your drainage problem. And even fewer of these Las Vegas plumbing services are able to provide you with the experience, equipment, and unparalleled expertise to fix your damaged drain properly, quickly and completely the first time.

    When left unattended, a broken drain can cause you, your family, or your clients unimaginable grief as your Las Vegas home or business is left at risk of possible flooding – whether of water, or worse, sewage – which can severely damage your Las Vegas property and cost you time and money to fix.

    With many years of experience in the field of plumbing and drain repair, Big Dawg Plumbing LLC have the experience and expertise to make sure your drains are never left damaged or poorly repaired, and that they are always replaced properly, in a timely fashion. Unlike some of our lesser-equipped Las Vegas competitors, at Big Dawg Plumbing LLC we carry the equipment we need for any job, so you never lose time or money on equipment rentals.

    With our proven record of consistently above-average service, at Big Dawg Plumbing LLC whatever the nature of your drainage system’s damage, we let our service stand as the best form of advertisement.


    When you have a nasty clog you need a reliable, trustworthy specialist to assess the situation and come up with the most effective solution. It is important to trust this work to only the most professional and reliable plumbing services in Las Vegas, because with inexperienced or poorly trained plumbing services there is always the very real risk that a simple, tough clog can wind up costing you an unnecessary and costly overhaul of your entire drainage system.

    With many years of combined experience in the field, the plumbing experts at Big Dawg Plumbing LLC have proven dedication to providing our clients throughout Las Vegas with timely assessments and expert solutions to your potential clogs. In particular, for tough clogs that might otherwise require more serious work, the team of clog specialists at Big Dawg Plumbing LLC have one of the best hydro jetting services available in the greater Las Vegas area. Hydro jetting is one of the cleanest, most effective and longest lasting solutions available for drain clogs of many types. And in the hands of the experts at Big Dawg Plumbing LLC our hydro jetting services can leave your Las Vegas drainage or sewage system in like-new condition.

    Unlike conventional drain snakes that can be time-consuming and that may not get the entire range of foreign matter that can clog your pipes, drains and sewer lines; hydro jetting uses high-tech pumps and hoses to direct high pressure water through a pipe, both removing the clog and cleansing the inside of the pipe, drain, and/or sewer line. Hydro jetting can actually go further than drain snakes are capable of, cutting through stubborn roots and debris, as well as breaking up any mineral deposits that may have contributed to your clog.

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